Skin care tips: 3 ways to quench my thirsty skin

Our skin constantly needs hydrating, but sometimes our lotions and potions aren't enough. To kiss goodbye, for once and for all, to blotchy, tight, itchy, dry skin, here are three tried and tested thirst-quenching skin care tips.

Creams, face masks and serums

If your skin feels leathery or looks dull and lined, it means it's become dehydrated by external factors - pollution, smoke, cold etc. Moisturising treatments such as creams, face masks and serum can protect skin from the elements and soothe the epidermis by capturing and keeping water on its surface. Creams rich in hydrating ingredients restore and enhance skin's natural water retention process, thereby preventing dehydration and dry skin. Applying a hydrating face mask before bed will deeply nourish your epidermis. As for serums, they boost the moisturising action of creams. 
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A balanced diet

A healthy, balanced diet provides enough lipids for skin hydration. However, sometimes our skin needs an extra helping hand, particularly during winter when it has to confront harsh weather. It that's the case, you should add some fat to your diet: a bit of butter on your toast at breakfast, a couple of spoonfuls of oil in your salad dressing or cooking water, or drizzle some oil on a filet of fish: nut and rapeseed oil are packed with omega 3, whilst grape seed oil contains other essential fatty acids. These oils are bursting with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, all of which hydrate the upper layers of the epidermis and, thanks to their antioxidant content, zap free radicals. 
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Hydrate your body from the inside out

We need to drink water for skin hydration. Even if you don't think your skin is directly benefiting from this, rest assured that hydrating it from the inside works a treat. Our bodies lose around one and half litres of water a day, so it's important we replenish our stocks. Drinking one glass of water per hour will do the trick. And 'water' means not only flat or fizzy versions, but also fruit and herbal teas. Green tea is a great option as it contains numerous skin-friendly antioxidants. So if you hydrate from both inside and out, you'll find that your skin remains beautifully moisturised.
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